About Casey Malone

Casey was born and raised in Youngstown. After graduating from Ohio University with a degree in journalism, Casey moved to Portland, Oregon. She worked in restaurants and catering with an emphasis on inspired American cuisine, using local produce, meats, cheeses, and wines from Oregon. Her next move was San Antonio, Texas where she managed restaurants and cafes in the San Antonio International Airport for Sky Chefs. She renamed the company Concession Air and designed its logo which is still in use.

Casey returned to Youngstown and began a career in radio. Beginning with overnights on Y-103, to mid-days on CD 93.3 and afternoon talk on 570 WKBN, her interest in food, wine and local culture was always a favorite topic.

Casey is now the host of The Casey Malone Show. It is independently produced. Her show airs Saturdays at 7 pm on WFMJ and Sundays at 7 am on WBCB. The Casey Malone show features the local flavor of our region. It features locally-owned restaurants and businesses, local breweries and distillers, farms, entertainment, and art. The social culture in our area always involves food and drink, and that culture needs to be celebrated and shared.

Casey is married to Ken Turocy who shares her interest in food and wine. Of the two, Casey says that Ken is a much better cook.

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